1949-1950 Mercury

Nothing says “custom” like a 1949/1950 chop-top Merc “leadsled” We took all the hassle out of finding a donor and chopping the top so you can get right to the fun stuff. George Barris would sure be proud of how slick this car is!


1967 Cobra

A young race car driver named Carroll Shelby saw the huge potential as a “Corvette Beater” in these cars in the mid sixties. Although successful as a race car, they were a financial failure at the time with production numbers only in the hundreds. With originals selling for a quarter million and up, they have since grown to be the most popular reproduction car of all time. Now anyone with a modest budget can own one of these replicas.


1940-1941 Willys Coupe

As we all know, 1940 and ’41  Willys Coupes have seen a huge surge in their popularity in recent years. With original 1941 Willys steel bodies running for tens of thousands of dollars, and nearly impossible to find, we have created a package that is both affordable and easy to complete by even a novice home builder. Our fiberglass body Willys coupes are available in several versions  including: 1940 or 41 Willys Pro-street with wheel tubs to fit any available tire and wheel combo (even those 33 x 21.5’s you’ve been saving for “just the right occasion”)  1940 or ’41 Willys Pro-tour to use 20 x 10 wheels and of course our ever popular 1940 or ’41 Willys Gasser package with choice of either straight or 3 inch drop axle.  Our focus on craftsmanship and value is unmatched in the industry and with well over 200 Willys Coupes sold we have the experience to build the car of your dreams.  Look at the fit, finish  and quality in the pictures below and ask yourself why a lot of the other guys don’t have close up pics? Our Willys stand tall in any crowd and the workmanship  is second to none.  One of the things that sets us apart from anyone is our ability to answer your questions 7 days a week, at times convenient for you. Our fiberglass Willys bodies are made exclusively to our exacting standards. After receiving them we go through a 20 point check list and add many details we feel are a must….rolled steel cowl braces, custom dash brace with our exclusive steering mount, windshield and glass openings trimmed to fit and lots of  subtle details  to make  your car as easy to assemble as possible. We stand behind any package we sell and all our chassis have a lifetime warranty against rust through and manufacturers defects.

1940-1941 Willys Chassis

Bare chassis starting at 2495.00

 Rollers from 7995.00

Fiberglass Bodies from 7495.00