1940-1941 Willys Gassers

The undisputed king of the “Gasser Wars” of the 60’s and 70’s the Nostalgic Willys Coupe lives on in our packages.  Whatever flavor you like we can build it for you! Whether it’s a straight axle, drop axle, wheels inside  the fenders, wheels sticking out of the fenders, one piece tilt front, 4 piece front , chrome to the max or simple black we can build the car you have always wanted.  All our bodies come to you with mold seams removed, doors hinged and latched, trunk hinged and fitted and all stress areas heavily reinforced with coremat. Chassis are second to none and no detail is overlooked  to make your car safe and reliable. We offer many options, from chrome suspension components to our custom bolt in roll cages. We are the leading Willys gasser manufacturer in the country for a reason…..best prices, best quality, best resale value.

Chassis …..Gasser chassis starting at 8995.00