Henry J

Our customer Mick purchased this car with an original Mustang II conversion that needed some serious help. We pulled all the old IFS out and replaced it with a custom straight axle suspension and new front frame rails. Now it looks period correct and according to the owner a blast to drive!

What we started with….

This car was purchased with an old original Mustang II front crossmember that had been hacked up from the start. We cut it out and tried to decide the best course of action to make the car look right. We decided it would be best just to clip the frame rails right at the firewall and start from scratch.

The new frame rails ….

Having to work around a lot of things that could not be changed very easily (such as the existing roll cage and tilt front end mounting points) proved to be a little bit of a challenge, but after a few quick mockups we came up with a pretty clean solution.

Finished !!!!

Mick’s Henry J now has a whole new look and stance